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  1. Nick
    Nick at |

    Connecting in Boston is not an attractive option for getting to the UK for those not in a nearby East coast feeder city. They will be competing with Norwegian/Iceland etc for cost conscious mid west and west coast pax – not lucrative at all.

  2. JeffinMass
    JeffinMass at |

    Does JetBlue really have any choice? They need to expand their brand or sell themselves to another airline. As far as London-Boston goes there are a few Airlines that fly that route. Delta, American, British, Virgin and Icelandair .

  3. Dave
    Dave at |

    Do you think B6 is more likely to deploy what will be limited LR assets in a crowded market like BOS-LON, or on other BOS TATL routes with less competition? If it’s LON, LHR is really the only option if they want high-dollar fares. Even DL couldn’t make LON work when they flew into LGW out of BOS (back in the early 00s). The one huge thing they have on their side is a very loyal following in BOS, esp among leisure travelers. I’m not sure how they fare in BOS corporate contracts but I’m sure it’s decent.
    PS just subscribed to DLD on Castbox. I read Cranky’s post today and saw he was a guest, so that prompted me to check it out. I like it! Look forward to your weekly releases.