Browser Extensions

Over the years I have put together a few fun browser extensions to help make it easier to do things like search for award seats or track fare construction details. Most are focused on United Airlines and their Star Alliance partners. I’ve also generally don’t a very bad job of maintaining a guide to them or providing links to them. Hopefully this helps a bit.

The Tools

For more information about what each of the scripts does, check out:

ANA Partner Search Link Expert Mode (fare buckets)

United Receipt Parser (Useful for PQDs)

Searching for upgradeable fares on

Integrating Aircraft Registration Lookup into FlightMemory

Integrating Aircraft Registration Lookup into Flight Diary

Google Chrome

If you are a user of the Google Chrome browser then your only chance to get them loaded these days is via the Chrome Store. Click the image below to take you to the page which should have all the extensions available to be easily installed in your browser. And if you want to be awesome and leave a review/rating for the extensions that would be swell, though I’m not so sure it actually matters all that much.


Firefox / GreaseMonkey

If you’re a Firefox user with GreaseMonkey installed the Chrome store isn’t quite as useful. Instead I have a copy of the scripts available via these links:

Other Browsers

I don’t know of any scripting/extension languages for other browsers. If you’ve got one let me know and maybe I’ll figure out how to make that work.