The first 747-8i takes flight

Lufthansa wasted little time in pressing the brand new 747-8i into commercial service. I was fortunate to be on board that very first flight.

  • First photos from inside the Lufthansa 748i

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    Lufthansa is hosting two events today in Frankfurt for the launch of the 747-8i. The first, focused on the press, was this afternoon and saw a couple hundred guests roaming around Hangar 7 (a/k/a the A380 hangar) and inside the aircraft. There were also many senior executives on hand to talk about everything from pilot […]

  • Celebrating the Inaugural 747-8i: In flight

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    Yeah, that was awesome. It is not common that such can be said for a flight in coach, but this one absolutely was. Today was the inaugural flight of the Boeing 747-8i in passenger service. The flight, Frankfurt to Dulles with Lufthansa, was quite an event over and above simply being a smooth, quick and […]

  • Celebrating the Inaugural 747-8i: Pre-flight

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    Like many frequent travelers I have a certain routine I go through prior to a flight. This flight would certainly push that routine to its limits. After all, it isn’t often that the airline CEO speaks to the passengers or that the pilot and senior cabin crew come in to the terminal to greet customers […]

  • Where to sit (and not to sit!) on the Lufthansa 747-8i

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    Having spent a decent amount of time on Lufthansa‘s 747-8i during the press events last week and also on the inaugural flight from Frankfurt to Dulles I’ve put together a quick guide on which seats are good and bad on board the aircraft. I’m sure others will disagree with me on some of the suggestions […]

  • Safety first on the Lufthansa 747-8i

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    Want to be prepared for your next flight on Lufthansa‘s brand new Boeing 747-8i? Here’s your chance to practice with the safety information card and videos in both German and English. Yes, this is easily one of the silliest posts I’ve ever made, but I’ve got the content so why not… Related Posts: Celebrating the […]

  • Taking the new Lufthansa 747-8i IFE for a ride

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    Among the many changes Lufthansa implemented in their brand new 747-8i aircraft, the in-flight entertainment system is quite nice. Certainly a significant upgrade from the 747-400s which had none for so long, and competitive with many other carriers and their systems. During my flight at the beginning of the month I put the system through […]