A Weekend of Beers in Belgium

Just a quick weekend trip to Belgium for delicious beer and a few miles. Too bad the immigration officer didn’t believe me at all when I explained what I was doing there.

  • On how I was nearly denied entry to Belgium

    My United Airlines flight into Brussels arrived at a hard stand this morning. I generally find those annoying for any number of reasons, but in this case it gave me the opportunity to chat with another passenger about our trips and share a couple quick travel stories. Among them, I related that I generally enjoy […]

  • In flight: Newark to Brussels in United Business Class

    In flight: Newark to Brussels in United Business Class

    I never actually bought the ticket from Newark to Brussels. I didn’t even buy a ticket from United Airlines. And yet, on a Friday afternoon, I found myself sitting in the lounge at Newark airport, watching basketball on TV and waiting for my flight to Belgium in the new business class seats that United has […]

  • In flight: Across the pond in coach that doesn’t suck

    In flight: Across the pond in coach that doesn't suck

    Yeah, I wish that all my flights were in the pointy end of the plane, but that just isn’t feasible on my budget. And so, once again, I headed off across the Atlantic Ocean in coach, hoping that I wouldn’t be too annoyed. This time it was Air Canada, from Brussels to Montreal. I’ve flown […]

  • Lounge hopping, Belgian style

    Lounge hopping, Belgian style

    The Brussels airport terminals are split into three distinct areas. There is a Schengen zone (Terminal A) and two non-Schengen zones. One (Terminal T) is used for the Brussels Air flights to Africa while the other (Terminal B) is used for all the other flights that are non-Schengen. There are lounges in all three areas, […]

  • The finer side of Ghent: beer and graffiti

    The finer side of Ghent: beer and graffiti

    It doesn’t take much to convince me that a city might be worth visiting. In the case of Ghent it took only one word: beer. I love Belgian beers and there are plenty on offer just about everywhere in the country. I’ve visited Bruges a couple times and found it reasonable enough, and Brussels is […]

  • Checking in: Wishing I hadn’t fallen for EuroStars

    Checking in: Wishing I hadn't fallen for EuroStars

    Back in January during my Euro-hopping week of basically a different city in Europe every night I fell for the EuroStars Berlin. It was a last minute booking – literally booked 30 minutes before walking in the front door – and the property was fantastic. I was smitten and how. So when I needed a […]