New Years Adventures in Laos & Myanmar

Just a week among the temples of Myanmar. The food wasn’t great but I managed to score a “top 10” all-time travel experience out of the trip so I’ll take it.

  • In flight: My first time in United’s p.s. First Class

    In flight: My first time in United's p.s. First Class

    I don’t write in-flight reviews very often anymore because, quite frankly, I tend to bore myself writing them. Just how often can I describe the same seat on the same plane? But when I get a new experience I try to share it as they aren’t quite so boring to me. With a number of […]

  • In flight: Singapore Suites on an inaugural flight

    In flight: Singapore Suites on an inaugural flight

    Flying up front is always a good thing. A flat bed is even better. Getting a double bed comfortable enough for two people to lay next to each other and still sleep well is simply ridiculous. Fortunately, Singapore Air offers such a setup on their A380 planes in "Suites" class and I finally got to […]

  • Hong Kong layover: Dim Sum at Tim Ho Wan

    Hong Kong layover: Dim Sum at Tim Ho Wan

    Faced with a re-timed flight on a recent trip and no ability to make the originally booked connection in Hong Kong I was faced with a conundrum. Yeah, I could just sit in the lounge and pass the roughly 8 hours but, well, that’s not really my style. At the same time, it was relatively […]

  • In flight: Royal First Class on Thai Airways’ A380

    In flight: Royal First Class on Thai Airways' A380

    Adding on an extra segment from Hong Kong to Bangkok as part of our award trip to try the Singapore suites was basically free. Same points and more or less the same taxes. And when first class seats showed up on the new A380 from Thai Airways the decision to grab them was a no-brainer. […]

  • Luang Prabang’s Pak Ou caves and a cruise on the Mekong River

    Luang Prabang's Pak Ou caves and a cruise on the Mekong River

    In a world where statues of Buddha dominate day-to-day life there is an important question which is often overlooked: What do you do when the statues are damaged or ready to be retired? Around Luang Prabang, Laos the answer was a voyage up the Mekong river to where the Ou  river joins and a pair […]

  • Monks on parade in Luang Prabang, Laos

    Monks on parade in Luang Prabang, Laos

    Read any guide book, trip report or other account of a visit to Luang Prabang, Laos and there is a very, very high chance you’ll read about the daily sun rise ritual of the local monks walking through the streets, collecting offerings of food for their daily meal. And, just to be clear, this is […]

  • Tad Kuang Si: Luang Prabang’s best waterfalls

    Tad Kuang Si: Luang Prabang's best waterfalls

    Looking for something resembling a beach near Luang Prabang, Laos? Hop in the back of a tuk tuk or van and ride about 30 kilometers out of town and you’ll hopefully find yourself at the Tad Kuang Si, a collection of waterfalls which are the best option available for swimming, floating or relaxing away an […]

  • Lots and lots of Buddha in Vientiane, Laos

    Lots and lots of Buddha in Vientiane, Laos

    There isn’t much to recommend Vientiane, Laos, it turns out. It is a sleepy little town which also happens to be a national capital. There is a little bit of culture and history, but not a ton. Most of the tourist sites are not actually in the city center. And, despite sitting on the Mekong […]

  • Zip-lining over Laos

    Zip-lining over Laos

    Gear up, clip in and step off the platform. That’s all there is to zip-lining, right? Not so much in Laos, where everything runs a bit slower and more relaxed. Getting to the site, for instance, was a 2+ hour adventure out of Vientiane, including a van, a transfer to another truck at a random […]

  • The greatest sandwich I’ll never have again

    The greatest sandwich I'll never have again

    The morning started off normally enough, at least for what I was expecting in Laos. We were in Vientiane and headed out with Green Discovery, one of the local adventure/eco-tour operators, to the forest a couple hours out of town; we were going to play on the zip-lines for a few hours. We had breakfast […]

  • Thousands and thousands of temples on the plains of Bagan, Burma

    Thousands and thousands of temples on the plains of Bagan, Burma

    In researching our trip to Bagan I read a lot of different resources. Each of them dictated a specific list of which temples to visit and what order to see them in. We sortof took that advice, seeing most of what was on the lists. And having now done that myself the best advice I […]

  • A pilgrimage to Mt. Kyaiktiyo

    A pilgrimage to Mt. Kyaiktiyo

    Without any context this picture means roughly nil. With a tiny bit of background, however, it easily represents my greatest moment during the week we spent in Myanmar (or Burma, if that’s your thing). It is a small piece of gold leaf, roughly an inch or so square, and it is the piece I applied […]

  • In flight: Rangon to Nyuang Oo on Air Mandalay

    I knew that the flight was going to be an interesting one well before we got close to the trip. Booking domestic flights in Myanmar is a challenge, mostly because their airlines are not linked to any global booking systems. And credit card transactions are not yet possible. Plus, most airlines there don’t have a […]