Meatacular in Uruguay

A few days in Uruguay to explore and eat all the steaks we could possibly find. Plus an overnight in Panama en route.

  • Getting ready for an amazing August travel schedule

    I didn’t get on a plane in July. That was hard for me. The good news, however, is that the next couple months should more than make up for it. I started to review my calendar today for the next few weeks and I’m quite delighted at what I’m seeing: The fun starts this week […]

  • Pick-pocketed in Montevideo: It could have been much worse

    This was not a subtle effort where they hoped to succeed without being noticed. They simply didn’t care about that. It was, in essence, a “smash and grab” job. We had just wrapped up a delicious (and ridiculously huge) meal at the Mercado del Puerto in the old city of Uruguay and were walking bad […]

  • The Panama Canal remains amazing after 100 years

    There is something simply amazing about showing up at the Panama Canal and watching it in operation. The history of its construction is quite spectacular (this is a great book about it) but perhaps the most amazing thing is that today, 100 years after the Canal went into service, it remains operational more or less […]

  • Checking in: Hotel Tantalo, Panama City, Panama

    Panama City is growing by leaps and bounds. The high-rise towers continue to grow along the waterfront and huge hotels are opening downtown with most major chains represented. And yet, for our recent overnight, I skipped all of that, choosing the Hotel Tantalo. Tantalo is a small boutique hotel in Casco Viejo, the old city […]

  • On the streets of Montevideo, Uruguay

    To say that I had low expectations headed in to our visit of Montevideo, Uruguay would be far too optimistic. Mostly based on the comments of friends and fellow travelers I was pretty much expecting the town to be a dump with nothing redeeming about it. It was, at times, described as sleepy, boring and […]

  • Old Panama City is becoming new again, and that might be a problem

    It was just over three years ago that I was last in Panama City, Panama to explore. That trip, like many of mine, was just a quick layover but I had the opportunity to both visit the Miraflores Locks in the Canal zone and also to explore Casco Viejo, the old city. It was rough […]

  • Why did we visit Colonia, Uruguay??

    No, really…why? I mean I mostly know. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and I have a habit of tracking those down if they are near where I happen to be. I like tracking places I’ve visited and they’re usually a good list to check off items on. Still, when everyone told me that […]

  • Meat me in Montevideo: Dining at Estancia del Puerto

    People may talk about the glory of Argentine meats, but that is only because they have not yet been to Uruguay. The smaller neighbor to the north gets far fewer tourists and exports a far smaller portion of their best steak which means that most people don’t really know of the glory it represents. It […]