Perth-ish: At least that’s where I think I went

Call it 7 days in transit from New York to New York via Doha, Bangkok, Yangon, Singapore, Perth, Johannesburg and Istanbul. I hit 5 continents in <72 hours at one point. And I’m still not sure if I’ve recovered from that insanity.

  • Visiting five continents in three days

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    In about 90 minutes I’ll be boarding a flight from JFK to Doha, Qatar. It is the start of a 29,000 mile, 6 day adventure. I’ve got four nights on airplanes and two in hotels, 12+ hours stays in five different cities and the majority of it is in business class. I suppose I could […]

  • Dinner in Doha: The Souk Waqif

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    With only 13 hours in Doha and needing to spend some of that time actually sleeping my options for dinner were somewhat limited. Fortunately I had a number of suggestions for dinner and, as an added bonus, a couple readers who were in town and willing to hang out. With so little time and looking […]

  • One night in Bangkok…

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    And I mostly just slept. Doesn’t have quite the same ring to it as the infamous song by Murray Head, but it is true. I was pretty tired, having only slept a few hours the night prior in Doha and only a few hours the night prior to that on the plane to Doha. Even […]

  • And where are you in transit to?

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    It seems that not too many people show up in Perth at 6am claiming to be in transit. For me, however, this was the fourth immigration checkpoint in the preceding 4 days where that was the case. I had cleared immigration in Doha and Bangkok and remained in transit in Yangon (I’m still not entirely […]

  • No, really, I’m transiting Myanmar without a visa

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    This is the room where I sat for an hour, more or less stuck while waiting to figure out if I’d get out of Yangon. No passport (the agents took it from me), no refreshments and no idea how long I was going to be there or if the agents actually understood what I was […]

  • Perth-ish: A pit stop in Pretoria

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    Arriving at 5am in a new country always makes for an interesting day. With my departure scheduled for ~6pm the same day I knew that my visit to Johannesburg would be a quick one, likely without too much in the way of really experiencing the city. The fact that I was now in my 4th […]

  • Perth-ish: A morning in Kadikoy’s market

    Day six of my trip to Perth and back and somehow, despite my third consecutive night sleeping on a plane, I was still feeling reasonably alert and coherent. I’m sure a big part of that had to do with the fact that I was in Istanbul, one of my favorite cities in the world, and […]