A quick trip to India

Nothing quite like flying around the world in 5 days to be able to attend a couple days of meetings in India. Fortunately my upgrades cleared on the long flights and it turns out that Ahmadabad is a spectacular destination.

  • And then I bought ALL the extras

    Turns out that I’m a fan of the ancillary fee. At least when it comes to fares in India. I just booked my final domestic sector on my upcoming trip and I bought nearly everything on offer from IndiGo. The fare (including taxes) was 5,060 rupees which converts to about USD$85 today. It was a […]

  • In flight: A domestic hop on IndiGo

    Welcome on board IndiGo, currently the most successful LCC in India. It was my first flight with them and overall a decent passenger experience, though my expectations were rather low. Still, they were met and that’s a good thing.

  • Ahmedabad, India: A photo essay

    There is something magical to me about travel in India. It is harder in many ways but also often much more rewarding. And there is something about the colors there which I rarely find a match for elsewhere in the world. I just love it. On my most recent trip – just a couple nights […]

  • In-flight: Mumbai to Newark in United Airlines BusinessFirst

    The airport was lovely. The bed was divine. And the food was atrocious. Not at all what I was expecting for this trip. But at least I slept well. And that really was the main point of upgrading to business class.