An Ordination in Vienna

A rather unordinary long weekend jaunt to Europe to attend my friend’s ordination as a priest. Quite an experience, plus a few extra days in Vienna, too.

  • So, about those online hotel ratings…

    What influences online hotel reviews? For one of my recent stays free drinks were part of the bargain. Just show it to the bartender. What else can you get for writing a good review??

  • In-flight: New York to London on American Airlines

    The 3-4-3 seating arrangement at the back of the American Airlines 777 is tight. Very tight. Be very, very sure you’re ready for that level of crowding before buying this ticket.

  • Because it is not everyday you get to attend an ordination

    Why would I plan a trip to the sleepy little town of Klosterneuburg, Austria? Turns out to be a great place to celebrate an ordination. And the architecture doesn’t suck, either.

  • A day at Tiergarten Schoenbrunn, the world’s oldest zoo

    Visiting a zoo was not on the agenda I had prepared for our trip to Vienna. Mostly because I had no idea there was a Vienna zoo available to visit. Tons of animals but very small enclosures.

  • Wandering the gardens of Schoenbrunn Palace

    Schoenbrunn Palace sits just outside Vienna’s city center, offering up a relaxing alternative to the typical urban tourist activities. Get lost in the hedge maze or just wander the garden grounds.

  • Lunch at Steirereck in Vienna

    I’m rarely the guy who goes out of his way to find the fancy restaurant in town. But Steirereck has two Michelin stars and is completely different from everything else in Vienna. In a very, very good way.

  • A Vienna photo walk

    Come explore Vienna in photos from a few days I spent there. Probably more time than I needed but we still managed to take in some of the beautiful sights while there.