Baltic Beers

It is now an annual tradition: A group of us head to the cold of Europe every January to drink and explore. And drink.

Also, there may be some drinking involved. But we try to make sure it is vaguely culturally appropriate.

  • Reader Poll: You plan my next booking!

    I’ve got a trip coming up in a couple weeks and, thanks to my ability to procrastinate spectacularly, I’ve yet to book the return half. There are, as I see it, three reasonable options available to me and none of them are particularly compelling so I’m reaching out to you, my readers, to help me […]

  • Five days in transit

    Some trips make more sense than others. This one can reasonably be seen as standing strongly in the “others” category. From approximately 5pm on Wednesday until around 2pm on Monday – nearly 120 hours – I was traveling “in transit” across Europe. But I was not just flying around. Each stop – there were four […]

  • How not to inspire passenger confidence, by Finnair

    I am not a nervous flyer. Never have been. Still, there are some times where an agent says or does something which makes me wonder if climbing into a metal tube and hurtling 500+ miles/hour across the sky might not be the best idea I’ve ever had. Welcome to my recent flight from JFK to […]

  • Touring Tallinn: Walking the old city

    It should come as no surprise that Tallinn is not a hot bed of tourism in the cold depths of mid-January. The sun is out only a few hours each day, the thermometer hovers around –10° C (~15° F) and the winds howling through the narrow streets of the old city (a UNESCO World Heritage […]

  • Touring Tallinn: The Lennusadam Museum

    My day in Tallinn was spent mostly aimlessly wandering the narrow streets of the old town and trying to stay slightly warm. As the sun set and the afternoon hours whiled away I received a note via Twitter giving me a suggestion for something to see in town: @WanderngAramean it is my hometown. check out […]

  • Roaming about in Riga

    Stop number two on my long weekend exploring the Baltics was a day in Riga, Latvia. Like the prior day in Tallinn, most of my day in Riga was spent exploring the old city center. And, just like Tallinn, Riga’s city center is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. So I got to check […]

  • Exploring Vilnius: Museum of Genocide Victims

    To say that the couple hours spent in Lithuania’s Museum of Genocide Victims was sobering would be quite an understatement. It was an incredible collection and exhibition; it was tremendously moving. And there were parts which were more than a little spooky. The museum is housed in part of the building which formerly served as […]

  • Exploring Vilnius: Spectacular beer and pretty good food

    In my prior post about a day in Vilnius I noted the rather sobering impact of visiting the Museum of Genocide Victims. The good news is that I managed to do that relatively early in the afternoon so I had plenty of time to recover from the sober part. Part of that was the beer […]

  • The Idrunkarod: Vilnius edition

    Just a quick nap before my flight. That’s all I needed. Sure, I was a bit inebriated from a spectacular night out drinking in Vilnius but I’d be able to wake up in two hours, right? With my alarm properly set and on the other side of the room I’d have no problems waking up […]

  • Hanging out hungover in Helsinki

    I’m still not entirely sure about how I made it to Helsinki. I know there were a couple flights on Air Baltic up from Vilnius that morning but, well, let’s just say I wasn’t all there at that point. So much so that the first thing I did upon arrival was to take a nap. […]