Summer in the Canadian Maritimes

A week of kayaking and hiking adventures in New Brunswick. Not that we meant to go there nor that it was easy to get there, but it is what we ended up with.

  • Escape from New York: Maritimes edition

    I’m writing this story from the comfort of a guest house not too far from Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. I was never supposed to be here. But, when faced with multiple cancelled flights and missed connections over a series of consecutive days sometimes being flexible and creative has a way of working out for […]

  • Flying in to the storm: Chasing Arthur

    Most people avoid a hurricane or tropical storm as part of their vacation plans. Not so much this week for us. We certainly would not have predicted that a storm would affect the Canadian Maritime provinces this past weekend when some months ago. Even when we knew it was coming we worked to get out […]

  • How many tickets is too many for one trip?

    I’ve made no secret of my love for speculative booking, particularly when there are no fees to change or refund a ticket. And yet I’m still a bit worried I may have overdone it recently on our July vacation to Canada. For a simple round-trip itinerary it turns out that I had at least ten […]

  • Kayaking the coast of New Brunswick

    Want to explore the coast of New Brunswick? There’s no better way than via a kayak. Incredible times exploring the amazing tides, among other things, as we spent a week in the region earlier this summer.

  • Experiencing 40 foot tides at Hopewell Rocks

    Join me in exploring the highest tides in the world both on the water and on the sea floor at New Brunswick’s Hopewell Rocks. It was more incredible that I expected. By far.

  • Checking in(ish): The Algonquin Resort, Saint Andrews, New Brunswick

    Take a peek inside the freshly renovated Algonquin Resort in St Andrews, New Brunswick, Canada. It recently reopened as part of Marriott’s Autograph Collection and keeps the 1889 charm with many modern amenities as well.

  • I scream, you scream

    What are the odds that Hillborough, New Brunswick would top my list for best ice cream destination in 2014? And yet it did. Some other great dining options in the area as well, but the ice cream moment was something special.

  • The waterfalls of Fundy National Park

    We took a day off from kayaking to hike in Fundy National Park. The waterfalls were spectacular and the hiking was pretty easy overall. I was amazed at just how impressive the region is.

  • Checking In: How I fell in love with Delta Hotels

    Sometimes it is the little things which make a hotel stay special. In this case it was a very little thing, but it made all the difference on this particular trip.