Thanks for the Seoul [20-24 November]

A long weekend in Seoul for no particular reason. I was reminded why I enjoyed visiting a while back and just how spectacular a tourist destination this city can be.

  • Dining at the Gwangjang Night Market in Seoul

    Looking for a quick, easy meal in Seoul? The Gwangjang Night Market offers up a wide variety of options for locals and tourists alike. And the steam rising up from dozens of tiny kitchens makes for some great images, too.

  • Getting Seoul’s Noryangjin Fish Market Restaurants Right

    I was absolutely set on eating in one of the Noryangjin Fish Market restaurants during our recent visit. I did more research than last time and still almost missed my chance. Fortunately, it all worked out in the end.

  • Wandering through the Seoul Lantern Festival

    The Seoul Lantern Festival turns Seoul’s serene Cheonggyecheon Stream into quite the scene. Thousands upon thousands of visitors the night we were there, but we managed to have a great time anyways.

  • Old Seoul: Gyeongbokgung Palace and Hanok Village

    Step away from the modern hustle & bustle of Seoul’s Gangnam area and explore the history of the Gyeongbokgung Palace and Hanok Village. Each provides a slightly different experience; both can be visited in a day.

  • Spectacular airport sushi inside Narita: Sushi Kyotatsu

    One of my favorite sushi restaurants in the world just happens to be inside an airport. Perhaps that should not be surprising for Narita Sushi Kyotatsu, given the location. Almost makes the connection worthwhile.

  • In Flight: United BusinessFirst Seoul-Narita-Newark

    Minor (unsolicited) shenanigans and a very nice friend meant my recent flight from Narita to Newark was in the BusinessFirst cabin. Solid product, even while not the best in the market overall.