The final DC-10 flight with Biman

Should I fly to Bangladesh just so I can fly home on the final DC-10 commercial flight ever? Maybe not, but you’d better believe that I did it anyways!

  • Booking the final DC-10 flight with Biman Bangladesh Airlines

    After much back and forth and more than a couple false starts it seems that the final DC-10 flights are for sale. For real this time. The flight, operated by Biman Bangladesh Airlines, will be from Dhaka to Birmingham with a tech stop in Kuwait. Once the plane gets to Birmingham there will be three […]

  • Around the world in 5 days. In Coach.

    Yeah, I know I’m not normal. I’m used to that, really. But this trip may be over the top, even for me. I want to be on the final commercial flight for the DC-10 and that means a trip to Bangladesh is necessary. But, thanks to a few changes by Biman Bangladesh Airlines over the […]

  • Wifi in-flight on Thai’s A380

    Call it a case of being in the right place at the right time. I chose to fly on the Thai A380 this week when planning my trip to Bangladesh for the DC-10 retirement festivities and that just happened to coincide with the carrier’s launch of the in-flight connectivity on those aircraft. And so, after […]

  • In flight: Manchester to JFK on American Airlines

    Ever have one of those trips where everything seems a bit askew? Nothing wrong, necessarily, but just a bit different. Like you’re living in a bizarro world of some sort? Yeah; me, too. My recent American Airlines segment from Manchester to JFK was a relatively quick and easy trip. There was nothing particularly good or […]

  • The final DC-10 flight giveaway!

    Last Thursday I was one of about 30 passengers on the final scheduled commercial service of a DC-10 aircraft. The plane, operated by Biman Bangladesh Airlines, is being removed from service and as of today there are none flying in regular commercial passenger service. There are still a bunch operating as cargo freighters and a […]

  • Photos, video and more from the final commercial DC-10 flight

    No in-flight entertainment on board, but the seats still had the old connections

    Was it worth going to Bangladesh to be on the final commercial flight of the DC-10? ABSOLUTELY! I had a spectacular time, both in Dhaka and on the flight. I wrote up the story for Huffington Post, plus I’ve got a photo gallery (some here, many more on Facebook and Google+) and the video above. […]

  • A day(ish) in Dhaka

    Back in February I made a long, economy class journey around the world over five days in order to be on the final commercial flight of the DC-10. As part of that adventure I had two nights in Dhaka, Bangladesh on my schedule. It was not at all my ideal version of a tourist visit […]