World Travel Market 2014

Just a quick hop over to London to attend one of the largest travel industry trade shows in the world. Added bonus of a side trip to Amsterdam, too.

  • The day I didn’t book the LCC

    The LCC fares were cheaper – even including the fees – but that doesn’t mean it was a good idea to book them this time around. The bigger picture matters a lot when evaluating flight options.

  • Experiencing the Etihad Residence

    The Etihad Residence is the epitome of luxe air travel, at least for those not flying private. And it is ridiculous. Mostly in a good way. Come explore the cabin with me.

  • London to Amsterdam in 90 seconds

    Welcome on board this British Airways CityLine flight from London’s City Airport to Amsterdam Schipol. Timelapse brings the trip down to just under 90 seconds of awesomeness.

  • An Awesome Morning in Amsterdam

    Just a typical autumn morning in Amsterdam. Until I showed up at the train station and was completely mesmerized by what I saw in the ticketing lobby. I missed my train. And for a very good reason.

  • Friday Flyday: Geneva to London City

    Climb on board this 4-engine regional jet for a short hop from Geneva to London. The Avro RJ100 is a rare type in North America but rather common in Europe. And I happen to enjoy flying on it. Comfy inside.

  • Friday Flyday: Amsterdam to Dulles

    In-flight on United’s 767-300 from Amsterdam to Dulles. I was plenty comfy in business class,with a decent meal, some movies and a bed to make nap time completely reasonable.