Istanbul 2015 [14-20 February]

A grand adventure in this classic city, including a blizzard, canceled flights, multiple crossings between Asia and Europe and my first visit to a Turkish bath.

  • Lost my wallet, made my connection

    Walking off the plane yesterday in Paris I realized my wallet was no longer in my pocket where it belonged. That’s all sorts of bad for starting a 5 day international trip. Except maybe not really.

  • Snowed in (or a BA snow job) in Istanbul

    Howling winds, blizzard conditions and terrible customer service. Just another relaxing trip to Istanbul, right? The story ends well enough, but British Airways has some serious customer service issues.

  • An evening in the Turkish bath at Cemberlitas Hamami

    It is completely normal to find yourself mostly naked in Istanbul while a middle-aged, overweight Turkish man gives you a bubble bath, right?? I sure hope so, because that’s how I spent last Thursday evening at Istanbul’s Cemberlitas Hamami Turkish Bath.

  • In Flight: Air France Premium Economy New York to Istanbul

    Air France Premium Economy Short-Haul Lunch

    I finally got to try the Air France Premium Economy offering and offer up a review. Many warned me it would be awful so perhaps my expectations were too low, but I found it a completely reasonable product, assuming you get it cheap like I did.