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  1. do you get all your traffic from trolling on TPG? I looked at your site ant it sucks. So, FYI, your trolling doesn’t work.

    1. Nah…none of my traffic comes from there. Turns out there is no feed from a ton of posts about CCs to the content I’m producing. Makes sense, really, as there shouldn’t be feed in that direction.

  2. Hi, I just did a status match to UA as a Premier 1K and have two trips planned very soon. Am trying to find the phone number for the elite line in case of any travel disruptions and only thing I can find is to check the back of my card. Well, I don’t have a card yet. Can you advise as to where to find that phone number? Thnx

    1. Hi Anne,

      Until you receive your new 1K card you probably won’t be notified of the UA 1K phone number. I just reached 1K status from Platinum & haven’t been given the new number. However, last year when I reached Platinum from Gold I called the Gold line & probably because I entered my MileagePlus number it bumped me up to the Platinum elite line. Hopefully that will work for you. Here’s the Platinum #: 800-225-8900

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