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  4. troll much?
    troll much? at |

    do you get all your traffic from trolling on TPG? I looked at your site ant it sucks. So, FYI, your trolling doesn’t work.

    1. Wandering Aramean
      Wandering Aramean at |

      Nah…none of my traffic comes from there. Turns out there is no feed from a ton of posts about CCs to the content I’m producing. Makes sense, really, as there shouldn’t be feed in that direction.

  5. Anne
    Anne at |

    Hi, I just did a status match to UA as a Premier 1K and have two trips planned very soon. Am trying to find the phone number for the elite line in case of any travel disruptions and only thing I can find is to check the back of my card. Well, I don’t have a card yet. Can you advise as to where to find that phone number? Thnx

    1. Lisa
      Lisa at |

      Hi Anne,

      Until you receive your new 1K card you probably won’t be notified of the UA 1K phone number. I just reached 1K status from Platinum & haven’t been given the new number. However, last year when I reached Platinum from Gold I called the Gold line & probably because I entered my MileagePlus number it bumped me up to the Platinum elite line. Hopefully that will work for you. Here’s the Platinum #: 800-225-8900

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