“Lake View” doesn’t really always mean that

Some posts are going to be a bit out of order for a while since internet access is intermittent here and half the time I’m posting from my BlackBerry instead of the stuff I’ve written already on the laptop.

Anyways, we did a couple nights in Te Anau a couple of nights ago. We used it as a launching point for our tour of Milford Sound, which is actually a fjord, not a sound, but apparently noone wants to correct Captain Cook, so the name stuck. We tried to book in to a kayaking trip on the sound but everything was sold out for 3 days. We contented ourselves with a cruise on a boat powered by something other than our arms. It would seem that the full booking was something of divine providence, as it rained all day while we were on the sound. A lot of rain. So much that a number of waterfalls spontaneously established themselves on the cliff faces as there was nowhere else for the water to go. More on the Milford Sound trip later when I can add some pictures to a post.

Back to the idea of a Lake View” room in Te Anau. It turns out that the lake has trees lining it pretty much the whole length of town, and the trees are taller than all the buildings. So we could see the lake a little bit between the trees, but really only barely. And that was from our upstairs room. The downstairs rooms had nice little patios, and a view of the road and the trees, but not really the lake. And most of the other hotels along the strip seemed to be the same way. Long story short, don’t pay extra for the view – you likely won’t get your money’s worth.

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Seth Miller

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