Another new country to visit

It isn’t often that a new country shows up on the world map, but when it does one of the questions that pops into my mind is if there are any cheap flight headed that way. Today the new country is Kosovo, which declared its independence from Serbia over the weekend and which most of the Western world is now recognizing as independent.

There is an airport in the new capital, Pristina (PRN), and the flights from London aren’t terribly priced, but I think I might have to wait until they work out the details on this, like whether it really is going to be independent or not and whether they have immigration stamps ready before I go booking the tickets.

Edit to add (4:14p 18 Feb 08): Of course, if this holds there is the small issue that Serbia may cut relations with the US, making travel there more difficult, so the number of available countries may stay net unchanged.

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Seth Miller

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