Another one bites the dust

Eos, the all premium carrier that many expected to actually survive, has declared bankruptcy and halted all service effective immediately. Their last flights will operate today, April 27, and even then only a limited service. The post on their website includes most of the details:

Our unique relationship makes it all the more difficult to share with you the news that Eos has filed for bankruptcy in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in the Southern District of New York. On April 26, 2008, we plan to operate Flight 6 (8:30pm) from JFK to STN. On April 27, 2008, we plan to operate Flights 3 (1:00pm) and 7 (6:30pm) from STN to JFK. Flight 5 from STN to JFK and all flights from JFK to STN on April 27, 2008 are canceled. We will cease operations entirely after April 27, 2008.

This announcement is particularly regrettable since we have achieved so much, including having a term sheet in hand for additional financing. Clearly, even in today’s challenging economic and credit environment, investors believe in Eos. Unfortunately, some issues arose that prevented the parties from moving forward

It seems that the money that they were expecting didn’t come through for some reason, and that the carrier cannot continue operations at this point. This leaves SilverJet and L’Avion as the last two players in the all premium TATL market. SilverJet also has their London – Dubai route, and L’Avion flies from Paris instead of London, but that doesn’t guarantee too much these days.

Oh, and if you are a member of their frequent flier program or an AmEx Platinum or Centurion cardholder looking to redeem a reward ticket on Eos, that ain’t happening either. Bummer.

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