JetBlue round trip ticket anywhere for as little as $75 (but more likely $250)

This is a slightly convoluted one to make happen, but the price is pretty good considering. JetBlue has a couple promotions going on right now that can be combined to get a very cheap TrueBlue reward ticket. And considering that the availability for TrueBlue rewards is generally pretty good, and that they can be used anywhere in the JetBlue route network (including Aruba and St. Martin) getting a free one cheap is nothing to sneer at. So here’s how it works…

There is a promo running right now that gets you 50 TrueBlue points and $50 off your first ticket purchase when you sign up for the JetBlue AmEx card. There is also a promo going on that lets you get 50 TrueBlue points and $25 off for every round trip ticket that is booked between now and May 13, and flown between May 1 and June 18. Combining those you get $75 off your first ticket and 100 TrueBlue points, enough for a reward ticket. Plus, JetBlue just announced their Spring Sale, with fares as low as $64 each way from JFK to a few cities, including Syracuse, Burlington, Rochester, Buffalo and Portland, ME. With all the taxes and whatnot that comes out to be $150 r/t, which drops to $75 when the discounts are applied. And the trip can be done in a quick few hours one day, as the flights are all pretty short, or you can extend it and spend a day or two in one of those cities.

If you don’t want the AmEx card or if you already have one you miss the 50 bonus points and you miss the extra $50 discount. That means you have to fly the trip twice to get the 100 bonus points, and you only get the $25 off the ticket price. That makes the deal about $125 for each of the two trips you need to take, or $250 for the “free” ticket. At that price it isn’t quite as good a deal unless you also want to visit one of the sale cities, but considering that cheap flights are evaporating about as quickly as airlines seem to be, this isn’t a terrible deal. Also being discussed here, for more details and nuance.

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Seth Miller

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