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  1. Gabriel
    Gabriel at |

    If you’re looking for haloumi in the NY Metro area, you’ll probably need to head over to Astoria, Queens to find it (along with 6 different fetas, some bacalao, and GOOD olive oil). There’s also a place called Elias that serves tons of grilled fish and fried haloumi. Glad you enjoyed your time in new york!

  2. Seth
    Seth at |

    Actually we used to eat out in Astoria all the time when my wife lived there a couple years ago, but we don’t get back out there all that often any more. I guess we’ll have to start making grocery trips out there to stock up now that we cannot find haloumi in Manhattan.

    And we live in NYC, so it was more of dinner with my parents in town than a visit.

  3. Anonymous
    Anonymous at |

    The flaming cheese dish you describe sounds like “Saganaki” to me. Usually it is made with Kasseri cheese.

    Kali Orexi (bon appetit).