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  1. wolfie_cr
    wolfie_cr at |

    Ever heard this one?

  2. wolfie_cr
    wolfie_cr at |

    this is the one I had in mind, more complete

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_yUN6JxHRMc and with the funny comments of ATC about speaking English today LOL

  3. Bill Chapman
    Bill Chapman at |

    I would like to argue the case for Esperanto as the international language of air traffic control.
    Esperanto is a planned language which belongs to no one country or group of states. Take a look at http://www.esperanto.net

    Esperanto works! I’ve used it in speech and writing in a dozen countries over recent years. I’m sure it is suitable for this specific purpose.

  4. Seth
    Seth at |

    I’m not so sure that making the 90%+ of flight controllers and pilots who already speak English pretty well learn a new language is necessarily the correct solution, but it certainly is an interesting option…