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  1. Bill
    Bill at |

    I disagree with AA cancelling the flight. Based on the televised interviews, foul language from a few pax is not enough of a reason to inconvenience the majority. Instead, those pax of which the crew was fearful could’ve been denied boarding.

  2. Seth
    Seth at |

    It is hard to know for certain without having been there to know just how bad the scene was. If it was one or two people they could have easily just denied those people. If it were 5 or 10 it gets murky in a hurry because it is hard to know just how badly things are going to turn once in flight. Canceling the flight wasn’t good for AA either, leaving a crew and a plane out of place in their rotation, so it isn’t something that would be taken lightly.

    I don’t know the whole story either, but I’m more likely to err on the airline’s side in this case based on the data I’ve seen.