Cheap hotel in Waikiki

View of sunset from my room at the Park Shore Waikiki

I’ve had issues with trying to stay in cheap hotels in the past. I was surprised actually just how bad a $40 hotel room in Turkey could be. So when I went to Hawaii last week and needed something cheap and functional, but certainly better than what I got in Turkey. I ended up on Priceline and paid too much there for a 2.5 star room in the Waikiki Beach area (I thought I bid on a 3* but apparently not).

I ended up at the Park Shore Waikiki. It wasn’t nearly as bad as I was expecting. The room was clean, the air conditioning worked, a few channels of cable TV worked and there was free WiFi in the lobby and in the pool area (nice to be able to do some work pool-side, if work is necessary in Hawaii). And even the non-Ocean View rooms had a bit of a view, though not a great one.

Perhaps my favorite thing about the hotel is that it was all the way at the Diamond Head end of the Waikiki strip. That means that if one wants to avoid the strip completely – and I did – the option is there. Yeah, I walked a couple blocks on the beach to find some food one night, but as much as possible I avoided it. There’s a park and the zoo on the other side of the hotel, and plenty of not too crowded Waikiki beach. And there is a bus stop at the front door to the hotel, allowing you to get there for just $2 (and about an hour ride) on the Route 19 or 20 buses from the airport.

And, best of all, I had no use for any of the products on this list.

I’m still not a fan on Honolulu nor Waikiki Beach, but at least I was able to stay in a pretty cheap and pretty decent hotel this time.

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Seth Miller

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