Helo a deal from Delta & US Helicopter

Delta and US Helicopter have been partnered for a while providing connectivity between JFK airport and Manhattan’s two heliports.  Initially they were just sharing terminal space.  Then Delta added an tag-on helicopter transfer to full fare trans-Atlantic business tickets out of JFK.  Now they’ve expanded it even more, adding a $45 fare for anyone flying a domestic trip on a full coach fare (Y/B/M fare classes).  I cannot find all the details so I’m not 100% sure of any other conditions on the deal, but it seems like a good opportunity.  Some of the Y fares are actually pretty cheap where there is competition with other carriers, and the $45 is the same as a cab fare.

The helicopter ride is a great way to get in and out of Manhattan.  I wouldn’t pay the $159 on a regular basis, but at $45 it is a great opportunity and definitely worth trying if you otherwise qualify.

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Seth Miller

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