Ike beats up on Bush

Hurricane Ike has done a number on Houston’s George H. W. Bush Intercontinental Airport over the weekend.  Lots of broken glass, leaking/flooding and some pretty significant damage to some of the jetways, too.

Continental suspended operations on Friday afternoon in advance of the storm and they’ve had a skeleton crew in the airport to manage the situation and start the recovery process as soon as they are able.  One of them has been posting some updates on FlyerTalk and some photos on flickr, including this one, showing a jetway with some of the walls blown off.

I spent most of the weekend thinking about how fortunate I was to not be affected by the weather and storms in Houston.  Then I remembered that I’m supposed to be passing through on Tuesday on the first leg of my double Hawaii trip over the next 10 days.  The good news is that Continental is expecting to be operating a pretty full schedule starting on Monday and I’m not going to be there until Tuesday.  The bad news is that if I don’t get to Hawaii on Tuesday I have a decent chance of missing my flight on Tuesday afternoon back to the mainland, and that could mess up my plans pretty good.

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Seth Miller

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