JetBlue delays T5 opening

Despite the announcement six weeks ago that the new T5 at JFK would be opening on October 1, it seems that it was not meant to be, with the new opening date now expected to be October 22.  It seems that, although the terminal itself was ready, the concessions stands (here’s a list of the restaurants) were not.  And opening a terminal without any concession stands open is a pretty bad idea.  It is an even worse idea for JetBlue, which prides itself on the variety and quality of the food options in their JFK terminal, using that, among other things, as a justification for not offering real food options on their flights.

There was a big to-do at the terminal on Monday, and a few press releases about it, too.  While I think the releases were a bit over the top ("Terminal 5 is not just an airport terminal — it’s a People Port. It’s designed to provide operational efficiencies without sacrificing, and in fact showcasing customer-friendly qualities.") the terminal really is impressive and I am still looking forward to seeing it in operation,  now three weeks later than I originally expected.

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Seth Miller

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