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  1. gokhan
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    The “tap-and-go” system’s name is “akbil” which stands for “smart ticket”(akilli bilet). there are two types of it normal and student discount akbil.
    normal one has 10% discount. student discount akbil has about 25% discount.
    also transfers between routes are half priced within 120 minutes.
    akbil’s price is 7 ytl.
    but you can get your money back when/if you return it.

    Also there’s a rfid card system which has no discount at all. it’s 5 tokens in a card which is 7 ytl. and it’s disposable.
    i think it’s useless…

    By the way the new funicular system is not 10 years old. it started operating in 2006.

    Also please visit the new parts of the city. kanyon shopping mall and akmerkez shopping mall are the best of best in istanbul.

  2. Seth
    Seth at |

    Wow…thanks for that info on the akbil! Sounds like a great deal. I’ll have to add that to my plans for when I return. I especially like the part where you can get the 7ytl back for returning it.