A couple small snags at T5

About that previous comment that everything was running smoothly here…

The food services seem to be struggling a bit here today.  The good news is that the sprinkler system is working very well.  The bad news is that, depending on who you listen to, there was either too much heat in the pizza kitchen or a faulty sprinkler head.  Either way, the water came pouring down.  The good news is that it was isolated to the pizza place and that they seem to have cleaned it up pretty quickly.

I also tried to order some food at the gate, and that didn’t work so well.  The systems are pretty slick.  They tie in to the bar that is in the vicinity of the gate area and there is a small food prep station there that they use to put it all together.  The bad news is that they had neither prosciutto nor grilled chicken available.  Unfortunately it took me 30 minutes to figure out that the first sandwich wasn’t available and another 10 to find out that the second one wasn’t.  The touch-screen ordering system is pretty cool.  Some pics of it below.

Then I went over to the tapas place and tried to order a sandwich there.  Alas, it was not meant to be.  Their kitchen is also down.  The Mexican place is out of enchiladas, too, I think, but they aren’t allowed to show stuff as 86’d on the menus, which is strange.  So now it is 2:30pm and I’m still looking for lunch.

Oh, and the random passenger who walked out the “exit” door that was actually an emergency exit rather than out through baggage claim.  But with all the other alarms going off randomly that one didn’t seem such a big deal.  Fortunately the guy realized he was going the wrong way before he got onto the tarmac, but that was a bit unfortunate.

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Seth Miller

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