The UK really hates air travelers

How else can they explain the obscene taxes that they are charging for the Air Passenger Duty (APD) tax?

Currently the rates are pretty ridiculous, up to £80 for long-haul flights in a premium cabin. But that is nothing compared to where the APD is going starting in November 2009. Here’s what the new chart looks like:

Band, and approximate distance in miles from London In the lowest class of travel
(Reduced rate)
In other than the lowest class of travel*
(Standard rate)
2009-10 2010-11 2009-10 2010-11
Band A (0 – 2000) £11 £12 £22 £24
Band B (2001 – 4000) £45 £60 £90 £120
Band C (4001 – 6000) £50 £75 £100 £150
Band D (over 6000) £55 £85 £110 £170

The APD that they will be charging to fly from the UK to the USA in a premium cabin is on par with what base fares are to fly the route over the winter. So when you depart from the UK a HUGE percentage of the costs for that ticket are going to the UK government, not to the airlines.
Lots of countries have departure taxes, and some only apply for the premium cabins, but none are nearly as egregious as those of the UK. Ouch. I know that this will preclude me from flying out of the UK for a while now.

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Seth Miller

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