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  1. Anonymous
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    All this coming from a nasty cranky jerk-off that did nothing but start problems from the minute you sat in your seat. I wouldn’t be surprised if you were missed coded for your standby list on purpose.

    I experienced your flight problems from Ohare to Newark and you were NO first class passenger. Your coat was packed in the over head and you chased every person looking for storage away so not to bother it. Then you demanded information from the fight so all around could here then followed up with a fight with the couple in front of you because you wanted to cross your legs and not allow the person in front of you recline. You were so rude that the flight attendant had to come talk to you and tell you were selfish. He should socked you in the face.

    Do you think that you are entitled to more then the next person just because you blog or went to a fancy school. It’s so easy to pass judgment, maybe you should look in the mirror.

    Let me give you a bit of advise. First, start respecting other as you would like respect. Second, if your going to start trouble don’t yell your name and company to a car service for pick up so that people can trace you through all your .net, blog and linked in stuff.
    It’s people like you that make things worse then they have to be.

  2. Seth
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    Actually, my coat was barely wedged in on top of a couple other bags. No one was blocked from putting a bag overhead because of that.

    Yes, I asked the FA why we were delayed? I though that it was a reasonable question. After sitting on the plane for almost an hour with absolutely zero communication from the crew I didn’t think it inappropriate to ask what was going on.

    And, yes, I was upset that the guy slammed his seat back into my knees. Given his bulkhead seat and unlimited legroom his insistence on impinging on my measly 31″ of space is hardly an upstanding move.

    And I have no problem with people knowing who I am. If I did I wouldn’t write about myself online.

    Thanks for reading!

  3. Anonymous
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    No thank needed.

    You can trust I won’t be following your blog and it seams that no one else does since there are no other comments.

    Your response only confirms that you are a jerk off with excuses!

    Next time I hope someone does hit you for your big mouth Mr Toughguy. Maybe you shouln’t have ran off the plane like a sissy. His girl could have taken you.