Hanging out with Delta

I seem to find myself in positions where I get to hang out with folks from airlines recently.  Last night I was invited as a guest of a guest to a party that Delta was having in NYC for some of their Medallion members.  The event was held in the private lounge space at Celsius, the bar set up at The Pond ice skating rink in Bryant Park.  The lounge area was very nice, except for the part where the bar was closed for the event itself.  Still we had some hot chocolate and mini-dessert tarts and got to talk with a few other Delta frequent fliers and also a number of folks from the marketing group at Delta.

From Delta’s side the party was attended by the new Senior VP for New York as well as a few folks from the marketing department.  We talked about a lot of things, some related to Delta, some related to travel and some completely random.  I couldn’t convince them that I got a free status comp to Delta Silver Medallion at the beginning of the year, but hopefully they’ll realize that I was telling the truth when they look up my account. 

We talked about the SkyMiles program and some of the recent changes with redemption levels.  We talked about the segment qualification option coming back next year.  We talked about a lot of the new routes to Africa and the high expectations they have for those destinations.  We talked about mileage runs to make the next status level and even about fare mistakes and the revenue management group and how they deal with those.

Overall the event was a lot of fun.  I don’t really expect I’ll be invited to the next one since I don’t fly Delta all that often, but, as always, it was great to hang out with the folks on the inside and talk shop with them. 

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Seth Miller

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