The elusive Luxembourg passport stamp

The vast majority of people going to Luxembourg arrive via train. And that means no passport stamp. The stamp isn’t really anything special – a typical EU entry stamp with the “L” for the country code – but it was certainly fun to get it.

The flight from London’s City airport to Luxembourg on VLM was quite pleasant and rather unremarkable. The small sandwich (turkey or cheese) and beverage service on the hour-long flight was nice and otherwise the flight was uneventful. The Luxembourg airport is modern and beautiful, but eerily empty as there isn’t much flight activity through it.

And then there was the border agent. The conversation was somewhat typical right up until he asked me how long I was going to be staying. Apparently a 16 hour holiday in Luxembourg is somewhat unorthodox. The good news is I appear crazy enough to do such a thing, as he eventually rolled his eyes at me, stamped my passport and sent me on my way, though he did make me repeat my itinerary a couple times to make sure he understood that I really wasn’t going to be staying in town very long.

As I noted in my post yesterday, Luxembourg is quite impressive. Walking around this morning on my way to the train station I had a chance to admire the architecture in daylight and it did not disappoint. Some pictures from around town below.

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Seth Miller

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