Losing more weight on the road

My first foray into lightening up my load on the road has been wildly successful, more than I actually expected it to be.  And I’ve been envious of my wife’s Kindle ever since she got it.  I don’t read nearly as much as she does, but just the idea of being able to take all the books you want with you seems great to me.  But there were always production delays and rumors of a new version on the horizon, so I never bothered to get one.

Well, the Kindle 2 was announced a couple weeks ago and I was on that order like white on rice.  And I almost hugged the UPS guy when it was delivered this morning – a day earlier than expected!  I played with it for about an hour this morning and it is pretty awesome.  I don’t know that it is phenomenally better than the original Kindle, and there are certainly a few things that I like less about it versus the original.  But I am very happy to have one of my own now.  It certainly will help make the 35,000 miles I’ll be flying next week easier to manage.

One thing I cannot figure out is why no travel guides are publishing in Kindle format yet.  It is the ultimate in form meets function for the platform.  You can bookmark, annotate and highlight specific bits that you want to call out – something I’m constantly doing with post-it notes and scraps of paper in my real travel guides.  Plus, I always want to have a few different sources while on the road but don’t want to be carrying around 10-20 pounds of travel guides.  And being able to buy a different one while on the road (what if you unexpectedly find yourself in Japan on a trip home from Seattle??) is a huge benefit that Kindle provides.  There’s a huge market here, I think.  Whichever vendor gets to the Kindle platform first will be my new favorite travel guide in a heartbeat.

For a more thorough review, check out my post on TravelTechTalk.

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Seth Miller

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