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  1. Mackieman
    Mackieman at |

    I remember when I used to travel around with an HP ZD7000, the first in their line of desktop replacement laptops. It weighed almost twelve pounds and had a desktop P4 processor in it, which was amazing for the time (2004?). Moving down to a six pound unit was amazing.

  2. Oliver
    Oliver at |

    I love my Bose headsets, and sadly they take up a huge amount of space in my carry-on. But I don’t really like earbuds (though my wife is a big fan of her Shure and would endorse your recommendation).

    I got an HP Mini 2133 last year and it definitely is a nice improvement even over my fairly lightweight Thinkpad X60 tablet. I might upgrade to the 2140 later this year when the high-res version comes out.

  3. Seth
    Seth at |

    I agree that a higher res version would be great, but I have come up with a pretty reasonable solution for now. I just zoom out on the apps. In FireFox or IE it is Ctrl+- to make everything in the window smaller, and it works pretty darn well. Some images skew funny when you do that, but the overall effect is basically like increasing the screen resolution back to a “normal” size. It doesn’t work with everything, so some admin/work tasks are still not so great, but for general web browsing, webmail, blogging, etc. it works just great.

    And I agree that the earplug feeling of the Shures is not for everyone. But I love mine.