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  1. Anonymous
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    I’d think that most Southwest flights are short enough that battery life isn’t as big a concern as on some other carriers (and on international flights, if only for movie watching).

  2. Seth
    Seth at |

    Agreed that most Southwest flights are shorter, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re using the laptop less, particularly if you’re hop-scotching across the country with multiple segments.

    Not a huge concern by any means, and the presence of plenty of power plugs in their boarding gate areas is definitely a plus for Southwest, too, but I like having power in flight. Just in case.

  3. Anonymous
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    I think that Glenn Latta of LiveTV will have every thing back on track in no time.


  4. Seth
    Seth at |

    Which part of reality makes you think that Latta will make a difference at this point? KiteLine is way too delayed (and way to limited a service) at this point. And I don’t doubt that LiveTV v3 will deploy fine now that they finally got a plane fitted and can operate it, but it is several weeks late and rather annoying.