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  1. Anonymous
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    I think they should price it proportional to the length of the flight. Maybe something like $3 per hour. And maybe even offer fixed length service (30 mins/$2) if you really just need to fire off a few quick emails or check on your next flight’s status or ….

  2. Seth
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    They do have a tiered pricing model – flights over 3 hours are $13 instead of $10. That doesn’t help the person who only wants 5 minutes of access, but it is a slight nod to the difference in flight length.

    The pricins is pretty tough to swallow in most cases. Even if it worked perfectly I’m not sure it would be worthwhile. On many of the Delta flights it will be competing with TV for users. If I had to choose between paying for this internet service and paying for TV (which Continenetal will charge for and for which Delta is rumored to be considering charging for), I’ll just read my book.

  3. retrograde
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    I like your idea about monthly subscription plans. I’d be interested in that type of service given I travel weekly.

    Also, I’m glad you pointed out the inconsistency in bandwidth problem. If that turns out to be the norm, the service probably won’t be successful. I’m willing to pay for service, even if the fee is on the high side, but I expect rock-solid delivery and no bandwidth fluctuation that makes me regret the fee.

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