Seeing the blues in Bermuda

One nice thing about Bermuda is that there is no shortage of water.  It is everywhere.  The airport is carved into a strip of land just wide enough to hold it in the middle of the ocean, and the beaches and harbors surrounding the island are numerous and easily accessible.  But the best part is the huge variety of blues that you get to see.  Between the various depths of the water and the sky there are hundreds of different shades of blue out there.  Quite beautiful, really.

And so, without further ado (or text), pretty pictures showing off the blues of the islands.

Looking down on the outer shoals on approach into Bermuda’s airport
Looking off shore near the 9 Beaches resort
OK…so there is some green in this one, too.
Another view from the air on departure


That’s all….some pretty shades of blue.

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Seth Miller

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