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  1. Mark
    Mark at |

    Hey there just stumbled across your blog from the flyertalk forums. I think your writing style is great as well as your photography. Going to go back and read some of your archived stuff. Just curious, it seems you take a lot of trips, are most of these for business or are you just a wanderer?

  2. Seth
    Seth at |

    Hey Mark…glad you're enjoying the blog!

    Over the last 18 months or so I've only actually had 3 business trips – Bermuda, Atlanta and Washington, DC. Everything else has just been me wandering about. Almost 200,000 miles at this point, about 15 countries (I haven't counted lately) and tons of great stories that I've managed to collect on random cheap fares and trips just because I can.

    And I've got a whole bunch more trips planned in the same vein. 😀

  3. Mark
    Mark at |

    Awesome, if you can do it why not. Looks like a fun day, I assume for this trip you guys got refundable tickets and then just explored the airport? I'll keep reading so keep them coming.