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And it is all about me!

The jetBlue All-You-Can-Jet deal is generating a ton of buzz online.  There are blogs popping up left and right, crazy schemes to maximize value and the twittersphere is going crazy with #AYCJ references.  The airline actually cut off sales of the pass two days earlier than they initially planned due to strong sales numbers.  And while they may not make a ton of profits, a lot of their costs are sunk so the incremental revenue – at $600 a pop – isn’t a bad thing.

I had the good fortune to speak with a reporter from Time Magazine yesterday; the article came out this morning.  Here’s the lead:

Beware: this new $599, All-You-Can-Jet flight pass from JetBlue, which allows unlimited travel for customers between Sept. 8 and Oct. 8, is making some people act insane. Take Seth Miller, an aerophile who for some baffling reason enjoys nothing more than sitting on planes and lounging in airports. Between 10 PM on Friday, Sept. 11 and 10 AM that Monday, he’s flying from New York to Ponce, Puerto Rico back to New York to Las Vegas to Long Beach, Calif. to Portland, Ore. back to Long Beach to Chicago to New York to Aguadilla, Puerto Rico and back to New York one last time. Yes, Miller will board 10 flights in 60 hours, without missing a minute of work. Yes, the poor soul will jet to the Caribbean, twice, and not even leave the airport. In fact, the only time he’ll be on the ground is for an overnight stay in Portland. "I totally admit that I am crazy," says Miller, 32, a freelance IT consultant who, believe it or not, has a wife who tolerates such excursions. "I’m not sure which wires got crossed in my brain."

Yes, I really am that crazy, though I did plan for 12 hours off in Portland to have a few beers and sleep in a real bed.

I’ll be sharing my adventures in a special All I Can Jet blog and tweeting about them as @WanderngAramean.  Come follow along.  It is going to be quite a ride.

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Seth Miller

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