How much Blue would a jetter jet if a jetter could JetBlue?

It seems that jetBlue really wants to find out the answer to that question. They’ve announced a new product this morning – the All-you-can-Jet pass – with an eye on making unlimited travel available for a 30 day window. Priced at $599, plus the appropriate taxes and fees per segment booked, the pass allows last seat availability for booking on any jetBlue-operated flight system wide. There is a three day advance purchase required so it will require a bit of planning to effectively make use of the pass, but there seems to be quite a bit of potential there. And it is limited to a very specific time window: September 8 to October 8, 2009. There is also a $100 cancelation/no-show fee if you change a flight inside the 3-day advance purchase window, but other than that there seem to be very few restrictions on the product.

The pass comes with a fixed number of TrueBlue points – only 35 – rather than earning per flight actually taken which detracts from its appeal as a means to accrue points, but considering that I don’t really place much value in the old TrueBlue program anyways (though the new one looks much better) I’m not too upset about that.

The pass must be purchased by August 21st and there is a pesky asterisk that reads “while supplies last” associated with the deal. But it does seem like one could have a lot of fun given sufficient free time. Sadly, I do not think that I have that sufficient free time. I’m already booked for one of the covered weekends and there are some work obligations that would probably get in the way. Then again, the appeal of “unlimited” is pretty strong. I wonder just how much damage I could do over three weekends. Time to check the jetBlue timetable and see if I can’t have a go at it.

A quick update on this…Taxes are only charged on international/Puerto Rico itineraries. Domestic US flight have no charges over the $599. It keeps getting better!

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