New York City to Houston – the long way

Having access to unlimited flights with jetBlue this month has skewed my sense of reality.  Badly.  On Tuesday afternoon I realized that some friends were getting together for dinner and drinks in Houston over the weekend.  Rather than having to decline because I didn’t want to spring for a flight, I realized that I could make it into town using my flight pass.  Win!

And then my aerophilic (sounds better than “nut job,” right??) nature kicked in and things went off the rails.  Sure, there are two non-stop flights daily from JFK to Houston Hobby, either of which would get me into town in time for drinks.  But that isn’t enough.  I wanted more.  And I got more.  First, an overnight trip to Puerto Rico and back.  Piece of cake.  Not the best night’s sleep I’ve ever had, but I do feel reasonably functional this morning.  Then up to Buffalo, NY.  Why?  Because it is there.  From Buffalo down to Ft. Lauderdale because that is the best connection to make it to Austin, Texas.

Looking out the window of my BUF-FLL flight at my JFK-BUF plane

SBM_0136Austin?  But I am supposed to be heading to Houston, right?  I am.  But jetBlue offers more options for flights to Austin and I’ve got a friend   that I’m going to meet up with there and we’ll make the drive over to Houston together.  Putting together a five flight (plus 3 hour drive) itinerary where just one flight would do.  Yup, that’s me!

The trip home on Sunday isn’t all that much different, either.  The same non-stop options exist to get me from Houston back to New York City – and I’m taking one of them – but I’m not stopping when I get there.  I’ve added five extra flights into my Sunday.  After New York I’ll hit Portland, Maine, Orlando, Florida and San Juan, Puerto Rico on Sunday, eventually getting back to NYC just in time to make it into work on Monday.

And that’s how you get 11 flights into 58 hours one weekend, including drinks with friends in Houston.  Good times!

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Seth Miller

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