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  1. Anonymous
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    I assume that a big reason that Continental didn't join the DL/NW/AF/KL JV is that it would have been much harder to get government approval given that CO's transatlantic network from EWR overlaps so much with DL's from JFK. I think the fact that CO and DL are competing for the New York/Transatlantic market is a big reason why the government approved both the A++ and SkyTeam JVs.

  2. Seth
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    Perhaps it was a competition issue out of NYC, but also consider that 5 years ago Delta had very little TATL traffic from JFK. They had their handful of Eastern European routes and a few others but they didn't really start to ramp up until 2-3 years ago.

    But that's as good a reason as any. Even still, you'd think there would have been discussion about them trying and being denied if they were really interested.