Upgrades to check-in at Houston Intercontinental

Continental Airlines has made some significant improvements to the check-in areas of Terminal C at Houston’s Intercontinental Airport, the carrier’s main hub.  Most notable (or at least most obvious) is the addition of new signage overhead, changing from the legacy LED-based signs to new LCD monitor-based systems.  And they look pretty good:

IMG_2242 IMG_2254

There are a number of different options that can be displayed on the screens to handle the various things that might be going on at a particular station at any given time.

Even better, unlike the GIDS systems that are at the gates, the Lobby Information Display System (LIDS) screens do not include advertisements, so no waiting for it to loop through to figure out which line you’re supposed to be standing in.

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Seth Miller

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  1. They're actually quite far from being finished with that project, too. It involved a major expansion of the area devoted to the TSA checkpoints, as well as rearranging much of the check-in space. The south side, which has reopened, was using check-in areas that had seen only minor changes over the last few decades; they didn't even have the LED displays above those counters.

    I'm looking forward to seeing the completed project, which won't be done for several more months.

  2. Indeed, the construction isn't close to complete, but it is nice to see the fancy new displays up and active, even in a limited offering.

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