Article on Continental’s move to Star Alliance, featuring me!

Nicholas Kralev’s On the Fly column this week addresses Continental’s move into Star Alliance from a slightly different perspective.  Not only does it talk about the value that the move brings to members of Continental’s OnePass program; he also talks about the significant transparency that the carrier has brought to the world of frequent flier redemption.  How? By offering up rewards covering more than a dozen partners on their own web site.  That move puts Continental very quickly towards the front of the pack in terms of providing such access online.

Of course, there are a few kinks that still need to be worked out.  Not all the carriers are showing all their inventory correctly; many still require a connection to a Continental flight or only show coach rewards rather than the premium cabin seats, but they are aware of the bugs and are working towards resolutions.  They’re also working on bringing the rest of their partners into the online booking engine.  All good news.

The best part about the article is that I’m quoted in it.  OK…maybe not the best part, but certainly fun for me.

Read all about it here:

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  1. Arggh, nothing against Nicholas personally or against his writing, but I wish it didn't appear in the Washington Times.

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