Getting ready for the biggest day of the week

It is just before 4am local time in Frankfurt, Germany and I’m wide awake.  I’ve been up for almost two hours working on blog posts (check out and sorting photos from the previous couple days’ events and all I can say is WOW!


Me, helping out the Flight Attendants on one of the flights

From the welcome we received at United’s operations in Chicago to tours offered by Continental in Newark to actually beating the VanWyck on our way from Newark to JFK, the first day was great.  We were hosted by Lufthansa in their flagship lounge at JFK and the service we had on the (entirely too short) flight from NYC to Frankfurt we we treated to the professional and proper service that Lufthansa is known for.

We overwhelmed another lounge (they aren’t used to having 60 folks arrive all at once, it turns out) on arrival and then got to partake in a variety of events, from sleeping to tours to a photo shoot for an article in a national magazine (I’ll share details of that when I get the clearance, but it is going to be AWESOME!).


Hanging out in the lounge upon arrival in Frankfurt

Suffice it to say that everything has been just fantastic thus far, and we’re just getting started.  This morning the “official” part of the tour begins.  In just about 2 hours Condor flight DE 9254 will depart Frankfurt for Oslo where we’ll be  picking up more of our crowd and then heading on to Toulouse for the Airbus A380 factory tour.  I’m so excited I literally can’t sleep.


Inside the Lufthansa HQ building


Getting ready for the dinner party on Wednesday night

The dinner party on Wednesday night was top notch, sponsored by Lufthansa and Star Alliance.  The CEO of the alliance was there and he happily interacted with us, acknowledging that the FlyerTalk community knows their products better than they do and that they have a lot they could learn from us about where there are failings in the system.  That was a pretty humble thing to say in front of a group like ours and quite well received.

I only broke one champagne glass during the day so I think I’m still ahead of the curve in terms of potential or expected damage.  I’m rather proud of that.

OK…enough of the typing.  I’ve gotta go get showered and ready to go.  I’m working as a flight attendant on this morning’s first flight and I want to make sure I’m ready.

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  1. heh, I hope your recently document interest in becoming a flight attendant is not a result of my cruel japes over IM the other day.


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