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  1. Oliver
    Oliver at |

    I'd hope that their routers are capable of limiting the bandwidth for each connected device to avoid the problem of a few users dragging down the performance for everyone else.

    As for the pricing, I have no idea what their breakeven point is, but I'd think expensing $8 for a business traveler should be a no-brainer. My company uses iPass (which used to offer service via Connexion, BTW), and when I looked into what they were charging us, I was quite surprised (let's just say it was significantly more that $8/5hrs at some locations).

    I don't travel much for business, but I'd certainly be willing to pay $8 for a transcon if they can guarantee reasonable speeds. Doesn't mean I'd use it on every flight — I actually begin to really enjoy those times that I am off the grid.

  2. Seth
    Seth at |

    You'd like to think that they are somehow distributing the bandwidth evenly but I have no reason to believe that is happening. I defnintely didn't see it in my flights.

    And I don't doubt that some companies will pay the rates or let folks expense the monthly passes or what not but I don't know that they can really hit the numbers they need.

    Definitely not if the performance suffers so much when folks actually use the system.

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