A lot less Irish flying

Well, they haven’t up and moved out of the country yet, but Aer Lingus is still doing what they can to cut costs, mostly but announcing a bunch of route cuts and the associated job redundancies that would go along with them.  The Irish carrier announced today that, "in the absence of real cost savings being delivered from all employee groups," they will "have to resort to other measures." 

Those other measures seem to include cutting a number of routes and up to 1,000 jobs across the company. Of course, there are no specifics being released yet on exactly what routes or jobs would be cut and another meeting of the board is scheduled for Friday.  Either decisions will be made then or this is more brinksmanship with the unions.  Or they’re just bored and trying to have some fun on a Thursday afternoon.  I doubt it is that last one.

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Seth Miller

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