A couple Amtrak promos for the winter

Amtrak is pretty good at keeping promos alive for their Guest Rewards program.  They expire every few months but there is always another promo right behind it.  This winter is no exception and there are two promos out there now for folks who ride in the northeast corridor (Washington, DCBoston).

Promo number 1 is for Acela riders, a/k/a folks on expense accounts who don’t mind paying double to save minimal amounts of time.  And, yes, I’ve done it, too.  The promo is for one free round-trip Acela ride for three paid trips (or six paid one-ways).  Not too terrible a deal as you also earn the regular AGR points on the rides.  The freebie will be valid from June 1 – August 31, 2010 and is not valid for peak weekday trains.  A minimum spend of $85 each way applies, a maximum of two one-ways can be credited per day and a maximum of 8 reward can be earned so there isn’t a huge arbitrage opportunity here, but for folks who are regularly riding on Acela the deal is pretty decent.  Registration is here.

Promo number 2 is for non-Acela riders in the northeast corridor.  The details are reasonably similar though the spend minimum is lower.  Thanks to Gary for sharing the details on that one.

I do find it somewhat interesting that I got the Acela promo rather than the regional trains one.  I guess they are mining their data pretty well to figure out who does what more often.  I appreciate that.

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