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  1. Louise B Andrew
    Louise B Andrew at |

    Fun to see a fellow FTer mentioned in the NYT. I didn’t know about your website but glad that they mentioned it. Bet you didn’t get any FF miles.

    About Nuvigil, I have used Provigil occasionally for jet lag so I expect it will work as well. Price is a bit outrageous, though. You can get Modafanil in Europe for considerably less.

  2. Seth
    Seth at |

    Defnitely no miles for the trip but it was still worth it. Longhaul on a Gulfstream G IV (even crowded) was great. Met some wonderful folks and came home with good stories. I’ll get over the no miles part in exchange for that.

  3. Michael Kirsch, M.D.
    Michael Kirsch, M.D. at |

    I think it would be worth $9 a pill, if there were no other alternative for jet lag. There are. I’d be reluctant to prescribe or to take it. Nuvigil, if approved by the FDA, will be great for Cephalon, but I’m skeptical it will be a great advance for travelers. See http://bit.ly/7iZqB1

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